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Our products are found in assemblies across many industries and markets

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Experience + Capacity

65 years of manufacturing expertise and over 600 associates.

High speed die castings, in-house processes including tool design and manufacturing, heat treating, plating and painting contribute to our ability to provide reliable, consistent and high-quality products.

Indux – Your Source For Zinc Die Castings

Comprehensive Tool Shop

We are unique in our industry globally. We are one of the few Zamak manufacturers with 3 state of the art Makino Tooling System machines. The speed, reliability and flexibility of these machines translates to exceptional quality and tight tolerance maintained for every part produced.

Additional Processes Provided

With our heat treat ovens, plating capabilities, bake ovens and paint booths, Indux can process per your specifications.

Personalized Attention

We take great pride in continuously exceeding our clients' expectations. This is accomplished by providing integral solutions, excellent quality and outstanding service while maintaining our core values aligned with yours!

Mold Manufacturing

We have the capacity to manufacture our molds, production tools, spare parts and various complex components.


Our team of engineers have the experience with not only the finished product but also with the required processes and demands of manufacturing. We welcome new designs and provide complete support from the beginning to the final process.


We are ISO 9001-2015 along with IATF 16949 certified, (formally known as ISO/TS 16949). This global quality standard is a requirement of the Automotive Industry.

100% Of Our Products Are Manufactured and Processed in Mexico.

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Our technology

Makino U6 Wire EDM

Provides an ideal mix of speed, accuracy, and surface finish capability with larger travels to tackle the most demanding applications. A combination of 5 axis and the repeatability of 5 microns gives us the ability to manufacture even the most complex shapes.

Makino u6 Makino u6
Makino u6

Makino v33i

Vertical machining center provides high-speed machining with superb accuracy, efficient chip removal and ease of operation. Makino’s V33i is the ultimate formula for success in hard milling accurate dies and molds out of extremely hard materials.

Makino v33i Makino v33i

Makino EDAF2

This sinker EDM machine offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy and surface finish capability to efficiently tackle any job.

Makino EDAF2 Makino EDAF2

VMC'S (Additional Vertical Machining Centers)

We have more than 50 machines, including machining centers, CNC lathes, milling and turning machines, grinding machines, bench and radial drills, which enables us to manufacture peripherals, fixtures, spare parts and any machining that may be required for production.


Die Cast Equipment

Our injectors can produce parts with the highest level of surface finishes and complex textures. They are capable of injecting a total of half a ton of Zamak per hour!

Die cast machining Die cast machining

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Share your comments with us and we will contact you to provide the best solution for your project. Call and write us at 55 4588 6721.

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